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YOUR GOAL: To create value for your company by offering innovative products that solve customer problems.

OUR GOAL: To help you enrich your portfolio with products that yield bottom-line growth.

SINCE 1990, PDC has helped companies efficiently and predictably build market-winning products and portfolios using customer-centric innovation.

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Thinking about design thinking

Mechanic aligning wheelsThe current issue of Discoveries takes a big-picture view of design thinking, the powerful innovation tool popularized by IDEO and now in vogue at many business schools.

Watch PDC in Action (Video)

Video StillBeckman Coulter's team used PDC's VOC process to create their next-generation diagnostic system. SEE THE VIDEO.

A Big Payoff

Life Technologies made a commitment to customer-focused development that paid big dividends. READ THE CUSTOMER STORY.

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CCPD Book Cover

Customer-Centric Product Definition

Using voice of the customer to create value.

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VIP Management Book Cover

Value Innovation Portfolio Management

Customer value as the foundation of innovation.


Wayne Mackey

R&D and Open Analytics

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