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A sampling of published articles and presentations from PDC.


White Papers


  • FEI 2016 Customer Centered Innovation Track Summary DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Voice of the Customer: Innovations, Insights, and Institutionalization (Frost & Sullivan Interactive Session) DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Anticipating Those Customer Value Questions That Make You Squirm (Frost & Sullivan Town Hall) DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Biggest Collaboration Challenges and Real-World Solutions DOWNLOAD PDF
  • VOC Top 10 Best Practices DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Best Practices for Voice of the Customer DOWNLOAD PDF


  • "The Story of Clorox Green Works" (cover story in March 2009 issue of Visions Magazine) [DOWNLOAD PDF]
  • "The Corporate Innovator’s Challenge – Creating a Winning Bundle of Customer Experiences" [DOWNLOAD PDF] by Richard H. Tait and Robin A. Karol, Current Issues in Technology Management, Howe School Alliance for Technology Management (HSATM), Spring 2008, Volume 12, Issue 1.
  • Ask the Expert: Why are financial metrics the wrong yardstick for evaluating potential products for a portfolio and what should companies use instead?" by Sheila Mello, InnovateForum, May 22, 2007 [DOWNLOAD PDF]
  • "Marketing's Role in Creating Products that Sell Themselves," by Sheila Mello, October, 2006
  • "Remote Collaborative Product Development - A Landmark Survey" [DOWNLOAD PDF] working paper, Industrial Marketing Management, Revision date: May 20, 2003.
  • "Better New Business Development at DuPont," Research Technology Management, January-February, 2002 Part I [DOWNLOAD PDF], March-April, 2002 Part II [DOWNLOAD PDF].
  • "Fuzzy Thought, Fuzzy Development, Fuzzy Products," book excerpt in Women's Business Boston, March 2002. [DOWNLOAD PDF]
  • "Remote Collaborative Product Development as a Competitive Advantage," Interface Tech News, March 2001. [DOWNLOAD PDF]
  • "Right Process, Right Product," Research Technology Management, v44n1, January-February 2001. [DOWNLOAD PDF]