Newsletters tagged "Voice of the customer"

Volume 10, #5, October 2012
Cultivate beginner’s mind for customer-focused innovation
by Sheila Mello

Here's a reminder of what works—and of what you should pay attention to if you want to create a world-class customer-focused organization. At a recent conference, we explored best practices for finding new sources of VOC data, determining what matters to customers, and institutionalizing the process.

Volume 8, #8, November 2010
5 Steps to Banish the Bogeyman
by Sheila Mello

"Scary and unpredictable" is fine for Halloween eve, but not so great for business. These five product development imperatives can help you clearly see what dangers may lurk in the night.

Volume 8, #6, August 2010
How to Get to Know Your Customers... Before It's Too Late
by Sheila Mello

The biggest risk to your company right now probably isn't bankruptcy. But losing market share to competitors or being blindsided by other companies doing a better job of capturing their customers' emotions and experiences... those scenarios can become your motivation to take action long before your company runs out of cash and time.

Volume 7, #4, June 2009
Are You Becoming Irrelevant?
by Sheila Mello

Questions about mission and strategy are always challenging, perhaps more so for established businesses. But, like any industry in crisis because of a looming discontinuity, the news business needs to completely re-evaluate its reason for being.

Volume 5, #1, January 2007
Customers as Partners in the Quest for Value
by Sheila Mello

In the bad old days, consumers selected from small, medium, and large. They could choose basic black, white, and maybe red; two doors, four doors, or flat beds. Now comes a world of product options and a new twist in the form of new communication technologies that give customers a say in defining those options.