Practice Areas

Instead of drifting in the direction of the hottest buzzword, PDC has remained steadfastly focused on a few areas since its inception in 1990. We help you initiate cultural change, dive deeply into the customer experience, and incorporate lasting process changes so you can create winning market offerings and product portfolios.

Our practice areas span the product life cycle, from innovation and product definition to analysis of existing products and product retirement. Whether we are helping you innovate around customer value or build effective teams, we approach our work as a collaboration designed to enrich your organization when we leave.

Make sure those training and pilot programs actually lead to long-term results.

Gain consensus and sustain change.

Take your "aha" moment to the next level.

Do you want do create top-selling products that deliver great value to customers?

Metrics make poor policemen because numbers alone don't change behavior.

Find out what's hindering your success.

How do you compare to best-in-class companies in your industry?

Keep your eye on the real issues with flexible process management.

Incorrectly estimating a product development schedule can cause endless grief. Our Parametric Schedule Estimation Tool lets you start having adult conversations about schedule estimates.

Match the right people with the right jobs.

PDC brings three key elements to strategy creation that you can't get working solely with resources from within your company.

The best strategy in the world won’t move your company forward if you don’t exec

Are you completely satisfied with the performance of your product portfolio?