Strategy Implementation

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The best strategy in the world won’t move your company forward if you don’t execute it. PDC’s Results-Driven Strategy Implementation (RDSI) helps you turn strategies into results in four distinct stages coupled with concrete actions.

1) Analysis: Where are you today? PDC’s three-dimensional assessment brings an outside perspective to existing practices by looking at the facts and context around current projects and comparing your situation against our best practices database. To complete the picture, we facilitate a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis and a customer needs evaluation with the major stakeholders in the new strategy.

2) Direction:What are all the possible directions for moving your strategy forward? We inform that analysis by revisiting existing plans and, where needed, generating tightly focused parallel innovation, project, and business roadmaps. We then rationalize the roadmaps using our 15Cs of Strategy, an inquiry-based system covering 15 essential areas of consideration, from culture to cost structure to constraints. You end up with a 360-degree view of all the possibilities, along with a real-world view of what it will take to make your strategy work. We look at areas like projections and business models and examine how everything can go right and—more importantly—how it might go wrong.

3) Methods: How do you choose the best direction from among many possibilities? This phase of strategy implementation includes a clearer statement of strategy, development of risk management tools, analysis of key initiatives and specific resources required, definition of roles and responsibilities, and creation of the often-forgotten communication plan (how every stakeholder will give and receive the information they need throughout implementation). 

4) Governance: How do you know if you’re succeeding? The only way to be sure is to create objective predictive and results-based measures. We help you set up a system of metrics that starts at the top level and flows down to all the key initiatives and every activity within each initiative. When you measure early and often relative to your goals, you can adjust before veering off course. We also help you set up efficient, tightly focused implementation team reviews.

The activities of PDC’s Results-Driven Strategy Implementation process take place in the context of a cross-functional team, with all the major stakeholders represented and participating in making decisions.

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