Value Innovation Portfolio (VIP) Management

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Are you completely satisfied with the performance of your product portfolio? Do shareholders wish you could do better? Can you tie the products you are selecting directly to expressed or hidden customer needs? Are 100 percent of your products successful in the market? If you answered “no” to any of those questions, you’re ready for a new way of deciding what products go into your product portfolio, whether for individual business units or across divisions.

VIP Management takes the guesswork out of product selection. Instead of relying on unpredictable financial data, hunches, or the charisma of the product manager, the VIP approach relies on analysis of customer value. PDC has developed reliable ways to quantify customer value and use it to determine which products to include in the product mix. Using the VIP approach, you can

  • Understand what gets in the way of your customers' greater success
  • Balance your company's core competencies with market needs
  • Organize your portfolio and innovation processes around customer value
  • Position your organization to stay ahead of competitors
  • Institutionalize this new approach to portfolio management

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