Richard Tait - Associate

Richard Tait

In his role on selected PDC projects, Richard focuses on Accelerated Implementation Model (AIM), Product Development Process (PDP) and Market-Driven Product Definition/customer-experience projects. He brings a wide range of consulting insights and expertise to his work with clients, particularly in the areas of innovation and new corporate and product ventures. Richard has worked extensively with companies in the chemicals and materialsindustry. As a principal consultant with DuPont Consulting Solutions, he led DuPont's Corporate New Product Network and implemented rapid cycle-time product development processes in several DuPont business units. He helped lead the effort to develop and implement DuPont's Business Initiative Process for managing business growth initiatives, and he was instrumental in establishing DuPont's Asia-Pacific Venture Support Team.

Vital Stats

Member of: American Chemical Society (ACS) Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) Commercial Development and Marketing Association (CDMA)

Certified New Product Development Professional (by the PDMA)

Certified facilitator for the Bottom Line Innovation creative problem solving process (by Bottom Line Innovation Associates)


22-year career in research, management, and consulting with DuPont that included positions as senior research physicist for DuPont Central Research and Development, planning manager for DuPont Corporate R&D Planning and lab director for DuPont Diagnostic Imaging.

Founding member and innovation manager for the DuPont Center for Creativity and Innovation

Co-developer of the Institute for Inventive Thinking for the National Inventors Hall of Fame

Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University; B.S. in physics from the University of Virginia