Strategy Project Process and Details

Strategy Project Process

PDC first conducts a micro assessment consisting of stakeholder interviews, fact gathering, and a comparison to best-in-class companies both inside and outside of your industry on the specific strategy your company wants to achieve. We then facilitate, as well as actively participate in, an organization transition steering team of your choosing over the course of several months. PDC and the team are responsible and accountable to accomplish the project outcomes as outlined below.

Strategy Engagement Details

The engagement includes:

  • 8 approximately one-day PDC facilitated work sessions on-site with your organization transition steering team scheduled every two weeks.
  • In early work sessions we establish the organization transition team’s membership, purpose, authority and responsibilities, and submit them  for inputs and approval.
  • In the middle work sessions we build the unambiguous strategy, set concrete goals and metrics, and frame the new organization structure.
  • In the later work sessions we monitor metrics, execute risk assessment,  management, and mitigation and address implementation breakdowns.
  • 8 approximately 30-minute telephone meetings with your organization transition steering team, scheduled during the weeks between the on-site work sessions.
  • We follow up on action items, review progress, address issues, and set the agenda for the next on-site work session.
  • We undertake substantial behind-the-scenes communication, research, information-gathering, and one-on-one efforts to prepare materials for effective and efficient on-site work sessions.

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