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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Your company sets priorities in an ad hoc manner because company direction, goals, actions, or metrics are unclear. This makes it hard to plan for, execute, and manage improvements.
  • Growth stalls and cost-savings remain unrealized because of recurring and well-known—but poorly addressed—issues. 
  • Teams formed to address long-term initiatives slowly wither as the focus shifts to short-term priorities.
  • There’s lots of talk and fanfare around innovation at your company with little to show for it.
  • Everyone prefers to stick with familiar, parochial approaches that ultimately fail to correct the root causes of issues.

These are all symptoms of strategy problems. In short, it doesn’t matter how hard you’re rowing if no one is steering the ship—or what direction leaders steer if the crew can’t row in unison. PDC’s strategy practice helps you figure out the direction and get everyone aligned.

Strategy Project Outcomes

  • A new, unambiguous strategy and a new supporting organization structure.
  • The critical few goals and metrics that bring visibility to early systems issues and enable your teams to concentrate on necessary actions at the right times.
  • A smooth transition, managed risks, and involved stakeholders. PDC’s objective, facilitated management of strategy implementation maintains performance, ensures buy-in, and addresses breakdowns along the way.

PDC’s Value Proposition in Setting a New Strategy

PDC brings three key elements to strategy creation that you can't get working solely with resources from within your company.

  1. Perspective: Data from more than 500 companies in our best practices database,  drawn from more than 25 years of client work, applied research, and benchmarking.
  2. Objectivity: Unlike an internal team, PDC is not perceived by team members or any of the stakeholders as having or advancing its own agenda or biases, allowing every team member to participate fully to facilitate progress.
  3. Focus: PDC manages every aspect of the strategy project and focuses singularly on achieving the strategy goals set out by the company, unencumbered by product or other organization commitments that justifiably distract company teams.

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